The research areas of the Academic Senior Members of the Faculty of Science and Technology Education are outlined in accordance with the respective Departments as follows:

Department of Vocational and Technical Education

Broad themes of the research areas include: improving teaching and learning of vocational and technical education at all levels of education; and making vocational and technical accessible and attractive to the Ghanaian child.

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Research of the Department addresses issues in: Physical Education Teacher Education in the era of multiple modes of delivery of teacher Education; Responsiveness of physical Education programmes in meeting the changing needs of the Society; and Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles as precursors of Wellbeing.

Department of Science Education

The department has broad foci of research that include: Access, Equity, and Quality of Teaching and Learning of Science at the pre-tertiary level; improving Teaching and Learning of Science at all Levels of Education through Reflective Teaching Practice; Integrating Curriculum Studies in Science; Conceptual Change in Scientific Concept; and Design and Development of Instructional Strategies.

Department of mathematics and ICT Education

The Department has broad foci of research areas as: Teaching and Learning of Mathematics and ICT; Curriculum Studies in Mathematics and ICT; Design and Development of Instructional Strategies; Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics; and Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.