1. Facilities

    • Wood workshop that manufactures Teaching and Learning Materials for students for the purposes of teaching and learning as well as ensure maintenance of wood works within the Faculty.

    • Laboratories for practical studies in science related courses

    • Computer Laboratory for use by the students of the Faculty for teaching and learning

  2. Staff Resources

    • A Training Restaurant which renders catering services to the Staff of the Faculty and the University at large.

    • A Gym Centre that helps to provide the physical health needs of the staff of the Faculty and the University at large.

  3. Student Resources

    • Faculty Library which is available for students use and research work.

    • Wi-Fi Services: The faculty provides a 24-hour wi-fi service for its students. This facility is meant to ease the pressure students have to go through doing their assignments and other related academic researches.

    • Post Graduate Laboratory: The faculty also has an ultra-modem Post Graduate lab where our Graduate Students undertake their research work and also hold other practical lectures and seminars.

    • Graduate Rest Room for our post graduate students to relax and hold discussions pertaining to their work. It also serves as a waiting room for our post graduate students prior to the lecture period.