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The Faculty of Science and Technology Education has the mandate of preparing professional teachers in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Vocational and Technical Education and Information and Communication Technology. The Faculty envisions to be recognized as the best in Ghana for the training of Professional Teachers in these areas. Through effective combination of theoretical and practical orientations, with contemporary technology, it produces Professionals whose content background is rich and deep and are proficient in the teaching, research and practice in their areas of specialization.


The Faculty of Science and Technology Education (FSTE) is one of the newly created Faculties that emerged after the re-organization of the two-tier College of Education Studies into three-tier Collegiate System in August 2016. The restructuring allowed for some larger departments to be broken down into smaller ones and also to bring departments running similar programmes together. The objective was to improve the effective running of the academic programmes as well as effective management of the departments. Among others, the then Department of Mathematics and Science Education was splitted into two separate departments namely: Department of Science Education and the Department of Mathematics and Information, Communication and Technology Education. These two departments together with the departments of Vocational and Technical Education, and Health, Physical Education and Recreation now constitute the Faculty of Science and Technology Education.


Prof. Douglas Darko Agyei