Your Promotion Hinges on Research-Dr. Adu-Yeboah advises College of Education Tutors

A Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Education, Dr. Christine Adu-Yeboah has entreated tutors of Ola College of Education (OLA-CoE) to develop their skills in research publication in order to progress in their academic career. Dr. Adu-Yeboah noted that with the elevation of the various Colleges of Education into tertiary status, tutors were expected to publish in credible peer reviewed journals in order to be promoted. “Just like the University, you either publish or perish and I am sure no one will want to perish”, she added. Dr. Adu-Yeboah made these statements when she delivered a presentation on research publication at a workshop for tutors of OLA-CoE. She indicated that the objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of tutors to publish research articles in peer reviewed journals. According to her, at the end of the workshop, participants would be expected to select researchable topics in their areas of expertise and start developing papers for publication in peer reviewed journals. She therefore, encouraged the tutors to send articles to the Institute of Education Flagship Journal of Educational Development and Practice (JED-P) adding that some tutors from other Colleges have already published their articles in this journal. Some of the component of publication articles discussed at the workshop were abstract, background to the study, review of related literature, theoretical framework, concept framework, purpose of study and research questions/hypothesis. Others included methodology, results, discussions, conclusions, recommendations and references. Giving an overview on publication research, Dr. Adu-Yeboah said unlike thesis, research articles are shorter in length and normally have between 1,000 to 12, 000 words. She explained that there are two main types of publications namely “empirical studies/research articles” and “position/viewpoint paper.” Explaining the guidelines for submitting manuscripts, she advised the tutors to observe the following: identify a credible journal to submit articles; correcting all errors especially grammatical and spelling mistakes and avoiding plagiarism. Participants had the opportunity to try their hands on some articles in their subject areas.